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Where to Find Our Honey 

508 N Cassady Ave
Clintonville Natural Foods.png
4398 Indianola Ave


Every Wednesday 3-6pm (last market on Oct. 25)

Upper Arlington Farmers' Market

2160 Tremont Center

October 7 (Saturday) 11-4pm

Edison Brewing Company Oktoberfest

785 Science Blvd (Gahanna)

October 7 & 8 (Saturday & Sunday) 

Fall Festival @ Columbus Garden Center (Oakland Nursery)

1156 Oakland Park Rd

October 20 (Friday) 9am-5pm

The North Market (downtown)

59 Spruce St.

October 27 (Friday) 5-9pm

Fourth Friday Fest Westerville

Downtown Westerville (I'm on E College)

October 29 10 (Sunday) 11-3pm

Bexley Natural Market Sunday Market

508 N Cassady Ave.

Red Beard Rainbow Bee_edited.png

Support Our Sustainability & "Help Us Go Hybrid"

As we continue to grow our business we are committed to growing as sustainably and responsibly as possible and we know that is important for our customers as well. As the need for a need truck is becoming more apparent we knew we had an opportunity to increase our sustainable business practices by choosing an affordable hybrid truck, a Ford Maverick Hybrid. We are excited to announce that we have just placed our order with Ford! While we wait for our new hybrid to be built and delivered our main goal will be to make a big push on honey sales to help fund this exciting, sustainable purchase. And that is how YOU can help us, and our bees, walk just a little lighter on the earth. Stay tuned for more details, but for now, if you need honey, buy some from us. If you have friends and family who like honey, send them our way!! If you have gifts to buy, buy our honey and beeswax products!!

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